Podcast: Christopher Gerg discusses cybersecurity for growing businesses

A special thanks to the Financial Gravity podcast for having Christopher Gerg as a guest.

Christopher Gerg is the Chief Information Security Officer and VP of Risk Management at Tetra Defense. Christopher started doing phone tech support for Microsoft in 1995, moved up to a Systems Administrator on the Windows side, became a network engineer, and eventually found his way into the cybersecurity space. He shares more about some of the cyber risks and steps they can take to improve their position and reduce risks, as well as why an overarching strategy for information security based on real-world risks is so important. Tune in to find out more!


[:18] John introduces his guest for this episode — Christopher Gerg.

[7:15] What does Christopher do?

[9:22] What are some of the things that Christopher commonly sees as the risks regarding information security in companies?

[13:44] Christopher explains how ransomware works, and how it impacts companies.

[19:52] What are some things that small business owners can do to improve their information security?

[26:38] What is Christopher’s response to people who think they don’t need information security because they operate in “the cloud”?

[31:21] Christopher and John discuss how technology is making life easier at the same time that it is creating more complexity.

[36:18] One of the use cases for blockchain technology could be in the healthcare industry. John explains further.

[38:46] Christopher shares some insight on third-party vendor due diligence.

[42:33] Many companies need an overarching strategy that’s based on risk in the real world when it comes to information security.

[50:19] Who is Christopher’s ideal client?

[53:33] Get in touch with Christopher via Gillware, or send him an email to learn more!

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