Podcast: Christopher Gerg Discusses His Journey to Cybersecurity

A special thanks to the Learn From Others podcast for having Christopher Gerg as a guest.

Christopher Gerg is the Chief Information Security Officer and VP of Risk Management at Tetra Defense. Christopher started doing phone tech support for Microsoft in 1995, moved up to a Systems Administrator on the Windows side, became a network engineer, and eventually found his way into the cybersecurity space. He shares more about his unique journey and offers insight to students, aspiring professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Podcast Description:

Ransomware, a computer virus installed by hackers, locks users out of his or her computer until a ransom is paid. It is Chris Gerg’s job to make sure you, or the company you work for, are protected from these cyber pirates.

Join Learn From Others to hear how Chris’ aspirations to be a helicopter pilot was sidelined by an injury and how he pivoted to a new career that helps so many. Learn more about IT security at https://www.tetradefense.com/

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