Podcast: Christopher Gerg discusses how to protect your business data with proper cyber management

Protecting Your Business Data with Proper Cyber Management

Episode Description

Data is one of the greatest assets of a company, and when information is lost, it can result in substantial costs. Data can be lost several ways, the most common ways are through technology and process errors or external exposure. Firms such as Amazon and Walmart have had customer passwords leaked online, and these are only the significant breaches that we hear about, but there are many more. It also costs time and money to fix a breach. In a 2018 PwC UK report on the state of global information security, companies averaged a recovery time of 19 hours when they encounter a security breach, and 49 percent of these breaches occurred because of the lack of preparation. These figures should make it clear that securing corporate data is a must, and it is no longer just an option. As hackers and technology advance, companies and individuals need to stay ahead of the game. In this episode, we talk about assessing your risk and how you can minimize your exposure.

A special thanks to the Leadership Beyond Borders podcast for having Christopher Gerg as a guest.

Christopher Gerg is the Vice President of Cyber Risk Management at Tetra Defense, formerly Gillware Digital Forensics. He is a technical lead with over 15 years of information security experience. Christopher has worked as a Systems Administrator, Network Engineer, Penetration Tester, Information Security Architect, Vice President of Information Technology, Director and Chief Information Security Officer.  He has experience in the challenges of information security in cloud-based hosting, DevOps, managed security services, e-commerce, healthcare, financial, and payment card industries.  He has worked in mature information security teams and has built information security programs from scratch and leading them into maturity in wide variety of compliance regimes. While an expert in the theoretical aspects of information security best practice, he is also experienced in the practical aspects of building secure technical environments – and working with the boardroom to promote executive understanding and support. He also authored the O’Reilly and Associates book “Managing Network Security with Snort and IDS Tools.”

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