LockCrypt 2.0 BDKR Ransomware

What is LockCrypt 2.0 BDKR?

A new variant of LockCrypt 2.0 was discovered late in September 2018. This version is identical to the original LockCrypt 2.0 first spotted in the wild in April 2018 with the exception of the extension it appends to all the files it infects. This version adds the extension “.BDKR” to encrypted files.

How does LockCrypt 2.0 BDKR infect users?

Rather than being spread through infected email attachments or other common malware vectors, LockCrypt 2.0 is typically installed manually onto its victims’ computers and networks by taking advantage of Remote Desktop Protocol vulnerabilities or other insecure components of a target’s network. In other words, becoming infected by LockCrypt 2.0 BDKR and other variants of the virus involves becoming the victim of a data breach.

How to decrypt LockCrypt 2.0 BDKR encryption

The original LockCrypt had a flaw in its encryption method that was discovered in April 2018, enabling malware researchers to develop and distribute decryption tools for victims to use in order to recover their data; soon after the flaw was discovered, though, a new version of LockCrypt dubbed “LockCrypt 2.0” appeared which had a more robust encryption method.

As yet there is no method of breaking the encryption, this virus applies to your files without following the instructions in the ransom note and paying the distributors. However, some malware researchers note that many ransomware distributors seem uninterested in providing victims with their data even after payment has been made.

How to protect yourself from LockCrypt 2.0 BDKR

Since LockCrypt 2.0 typically finds itself placed on its victims’ computers and networks via manual intrusion, your best strategy for protecting yourself from LockCrypt 2.0 BDKR is to protect yourself from data breaches.

Other tips to protect yourself from LockCrypt 2.0 ransomware infection:

  • Do not open email attachments if you do not know the sender
  • Do not open attachments from known senders until you confirm the sender actually sent it
  • Keep your antivirus software and operating system up-to-date
  • Back up your data often and keep your backups in a secure location

Example of LockCrypt 2.0 ransom note:
How To Restore Files.txt

Important !!!

Your personal id – YJKVTJ+1M-AICO5q

Warning: all your files are infected with an unknown virus.

To decrypt your files, you need to contact at big_decryptor@aol.com.

The decoder card is received by bitcoin.

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Do not try to restore files your self, this will lead to the loss of files forever


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